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REAL TALK with Pastor Ben Graham

Pastor Ben Graham discuss today's topics and world views from a Christian Perspective while sharing hope and help in a world full of problems.


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Real Talk with
Kirk Elliott PHD


Join me for a very important update

with Dr. Kirk Elliott.

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Real Talk with Stevie Giorno


Join me for an important discussion with the Chairman of the Tennessee Young Republicans, Stevie Giorno.

Real Talk with
Jonathan Hollerman


Join me for a very important update

with former Air Force Elite S.E.R.E Instructor: Jonathan Hollerman.

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Real Talk with
Todd Callender


Join me for an important discussion with the attorney Todd Callender.

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Real Talk with Judd Saul


Join me for an important discussion with documentary filmmaker, and missionary: Judd Saul.

Real Talk with
Peter Demos


Faith is central in the shared message, emphasizing the importance of standing firm in one's beliefs amidst challenges. Peter Demos' story highlights balancing business with faith, while teachings from Kirk Elliott and Pastor Ben Graham stress staying true to convictions and the Word of God. The call is for individuals to remain steadfast, seek guidance from scripture, and prioritize faith over societal pressures.

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Real Talk with 
Trevor Loudon


Join me for a special message with author, investigator, and Communist Hunter: Trevor Loudon.

Real Talk with
Governor Mike Huckabee


Join me for a special message

with Governor Mike Huckabee.


Real Talk with Kevin Sorbo


Join me for an great discussion with actor Kevin Sorbo who is best known for his role in Hercules, Andromeda, and God's Not Dead! Together we discuss the complexities of Hollywood and how evil and anti-Christian the industry real is.

Real Talk with
Anna Khait


Join Pastor Ben Graham as he is joined by former atheist, Russia immigrant, former pro-poker player, former tv show "Survivor" contestant and renewed Christian influencer, Anna Khait! Together they tack the major evils of the world to bring you a better perspective.


Real Talk with Jeff Timmons


Join Pastor Ben Graham as he has Jeff Timmons on his show. Jeff Timmons is an American pop singer, songwriter and producer and founding member of the Grammy-nominated pop group 98 Degrees. Together they tackle Real Talk with Real People.

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