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Passion. People. Kingdom.

Pastor Ben Graham has been serving the Lord since the age of fourteen and been in full time ministry since he was 20 years old. Pastor Ben pursues his passion of serving people and God's Kingdom by leveraging modern media, relationships, and technology to introduce people to Jesus Christ and true life.

Every project, initiative, and effort of Ben's life revolves around his passion for people and increasing God's kingdom.

Support Our Mission and Vision

God has blessed our ministry and efforts over the years with influence, a clear mission and vision that continues to impact people's lives, our communities, our country, and the world. We enjoy new people who want to have positive impact on the world for God's glory, and we appreciate any support provided to achieve our people and kingdom focused goals.


I'm always up for meeting new people who are excited about the Lord's work. If I can help you with what God has given and trusted you to do, I will. 

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