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About Pastor Ben

Ben Graham gave his life to the Lord at the age of fourteen and surrendered to preach less than a year later. He comes from a family of pastors and is a 5th generation preacher. 


He has been in full time ministry since he was 20 years old, serving as both an evangelist and a pastor. He has traveled and preached in all 50 states, as well as over 30 foreign countries. 


He has been a radio host with his own radio program airing on stations across the United States and online around the world. He is an actor and producer who has been in multiple movies and commercials, including lead acting roles in the movies "Fearless Faith" and "Pardon by Grace". 


He also serves on several boards including SWAT (Sports World Against Trafficking) and LTI (Let’s Talk Interactive). He works with various organizations on combating the opioid and addiction crisis. He is co-founder of the Faith Based Initiative App. 

Ben is very involved in local and state politics; and he has served as a Chaplin with the TN State Guard, the Roane County Sheriff Department, and the York City Police Department. 


Since summer of 2018 he has been involved in DC with President Trump's initiative for the White House Faith and Opportunity Team which now has a Faith Director in almost all federal departments. Pastor Graham has been a part of coordinating and leading several Pastoral leaders groups to the White House for briefings with the administration and staff. 


In 2013, he felt the Lord calling him to Nashville, TN to start a church. Pastor Ben and his wife Candice have four boys Jordan, Zach, Carson & Cooper. 


He holds a Doctorate of Temperament Counseling and is a licensed counselor. He has also written several books with his latest being a book called "1948 - Countdown to a Day of Reckoning”.



Ben is involved in various initiatives and organizations across the country and world. He believes in supporting those working on growing God's kingdom and influence to make the world a better place. 


Ben serves on the Advisory Board

Street Grace is one of the pioneers in the human trafficking “space” — a $290 million illegal industry in major US cities.
Learn more at

(Sports World Against Trafficking)

Ben serves on the Board of Directors

S.W.A.T. LEAGUE is a 501©3 nonprofit organization that exists to utilize the platform and influence of sports for the purpose of eradicating human trafficking through unified initiatives that maximize impact. The mission will be accomplished by developing relationships with Sports Industry Professionals and Non Professionals and utilizing their involvement and influence alongside the efforts of trafficking survivors and related NGO’s for initiatives that fall within the structure of our 4 Pillar Formula as follows:

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Purpose of Wealth Events

Ben is the Co-Founder of the Purpose of Wealth Initiative

Ben worked with Tony Bradshaw (Author/Host of The Millionaire Choice Show) to develop the Purpose of Wealth Event Series. The Purpose of Wealth Event Series is designed as a part of a citywide financial transformation model to help EVERYONE understand their personal finances, take control of their money to empower them to enjoy life, help others, and serve God . Imagine everyone in your city equipped with the financial knowledge and wisdom to transform their financial lives.

Learn more at


Let’s Talk Interactive

Ben serves on the Board of Directors

​​Founded in 2001, Let’s Talk Interactive (LTI) develops technology solutions that empower providers to improve access to quality healthcare. We are a leader in creating custom, cutting-edge telemedicine solutions, including HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software that pairs seamlessly with a host of hardware solutions and peripheral options.Learn more at


Passion. Mission. Vision.

After giving his life to the Lord at the age of fourteen, Ben quickly surrendered serve God by preaching His word, and sharing his grace and love. later. Ben comes from a family of pastors. As a 5th generation preacher he’s been in full time ministry since the age of 20 serving as both an evangelist and pastor. 


God has continued to expand Ben’s influence and reach into all 50 states, as well as over 30 foreign countries. His mission and vision continue to be enlarged to address many of the problems facing today’s church, believers, and the world.


Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is one of the greatest problems facing society and the world today. The very fabric and soul of our humanity and values are at stake. After hundreds of years of slavery in the United Kingdom, slavery was abolished on August 28, 1833, and forty two years later on January 31, 1965, slavery was abolished in the United States. However, today millions of men, women, and children are being human trafficked across the planet. Many of the women and children have fallen into the sex slave trade. In this world of sex slavery, some of them are forced to endure sex with as many as 20 to 30 different men per day.

As part of his mission and vision, Ben partners with various organization to highlight the problem of human trafficking and bring awareness to the public.  


Addiction and Recovery

Addiction comes in many forms including drug, alcohol, sex, work, gambling, and more modern forms of pornography and gaming brought to us in the digital age. It is one of the many tools that our enemy uses to separate us from our relationship with God to deface and destroy God’s image that we were created to be. Unfortunately in many of our Christian churches, our brothers and sisters are made to retreat and hide their addictions embarrassed by the overwhelming shame and guilt they suffer. For the church to be healthy, our people must be healthy and freed from addiction. Freedom comes from love, help, support, and accountability, but most of all from God’s grace through us.


Business World / Leadership / Ethics

Godly based ethics in the world of business and leadership are critical for long term success of our businesses, organizations, government, society, and people. Ben enjoys speaking to and supporting business, organizational, and political leaders in any setting to help guide them and their teams towards success. Ben sits on several corporate and organizational boards providing incite in leadership, connecting relationships, and wisdom.


Faith and Missions

Ben has been focused on growing faith and missions in the local community and throughout the world for over 20 years. Whether is starting up a new faith based initiatives of missional impact overseas, Ben uses his influence and resources to increase God’s kingdom and support those working in the faith.


Politics and Government Leadership

While some Christian leaders today avoid politics, Ben is a firm believer that God has caused us to represent Him and his kingdom in society and government by representing Him, His values, and Teaching well. When the Church and its leaders do their job well, they are the best equipped to help lead and guide society forward. God did not call us to retreat from the public arena and let the enemy run society, but rather He calls us to take on the mantle He has given us, step into the conversation, and guide the country and its people towards righteousness.

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